Zone3 - An Obsession

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Zone3 - An Obsession

As part of Gym Jedi Consultancy links to brands we believe in, we have acquired the commercial rights to sell Zone3 products in the UK to the fitness industry.  Zone3 values fit perfectly with Gym Jedi's ethos.

Much of Zone3's beliefs are that from nutrition to training, equipment to technique, one must obsess over every detail of routine and performance in search of marginal gains. This is, in fact, the sport within the sport: the race to find the hidden improvement that will push you forward into a faster time, a higher ranking, a deeper understanding of your sport.

At Zone3 they understand you. They are inspired by your passion and have the drive to never settle. OBSESSION JUST GOT REAL.

For more information about their range, check out the Zone3 brochures below:


To get you going with Zone3 products we are delighted to be able to offer you a 10% discount.  Click the link below to get your code.

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