Urban Strength Bar

Urban Strength Bar

Urban Strength Bar

This is an exciting new product to enhance the way you train, helping you to gain better flexibility, tone your body and improve your strength.

It's about movement, your body and gravity. Those three things are constant in life, activity and sport, which means Urban Strength Training is for everyone.

When you buy the Urban Strength Bar, you don't just get a versatile piece of exercise equipment. You get a massive online introduction to the bar including background information, basic concepts and a massive video library of loads of different exercises you can do with the bar.

These videos include detailed coaching to make sure you learn the correct form for different movements and get the most from your training with the Urban Strength Bar. This is how you improve your strength at the same time as massively developing your flexibility and balance. These results will transfer to a tighter, more toned body shape thanks to how the bar gets so much inactive muscle working.

Better core strength, more power and speed.

Imagine your body on it's best day. No pain. More spring. Looking lean and strong.

Now stop imagining it and do something to make it happen. Your body on it's best day, every day.

Buy a bar today for £49.99 and get access to all the Urban Strength Bar workouts from Wild Training.

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