The European Championships 2020

Xenios USA rig and kit at the European Championships 2020

"And I would drive 1000 miles...."

Converging at Five Lakes arena near Colchester, Essex, on a weekend in February were some amazing athletes that came from far and wide to challenge themselves to an unknown series of workouts to test not only their strength, but also their determination, focus and self belief. The event, organised by Carl Saville, was The European Championships in crossfit which had a number of sponsors for various aspects of the event, but the equipment used in the vast majority of the workouts was provided predominantly by Xenios USA who are Gym Jedi Consultancy's main partner and supplier.

The Gym Jedi team having expanded recently to include Richard Kinnersley, who is our Business Development Manager, were present to not only meet the Xenios USA team but also get a flavour of the origins of the company which has it's roots in crossfit.

Xenios USA's tagline is "Equipment for the fittest" and this event didn't disappoint. The arena was dominated by the solid and imposing black and white Xenios USA rig which was the focus for a whole series of movements from kipping, muscle ups on the rings, wall balls and handstand press ups. On the floor the Xenios USA bars and plates were in play for push presses, snatches, overhead squats, overhead presses and if those weren't being used the dumbells and kettlebells were in use. For the cardio elements the athletes were on the Concept 2 rowing machines and spin bikes. The atmosphere was energized and noisy, creating an electric feel to the arena. The athletes taking part were clearly in the zone, focussed and determined. Pushing their bodies to the limit, fuelled by adrenhilin and passion for their sport.

Eddie Hall attempting GRACE/ISABELLE

One of the other highlights of the weekend was the appearance of Eddie Hall - The Beast@eddiehallWSM, World's Strongest Man 2017, who was attempting a world record GRACE/ISABELLE - which is a crossfit workout where you need to complete 30 clean and jerks or snatches with 135lbs (men) within a specific time, in Eddie's case under a minute. Having completed the photo call, the big man took up his position on the floor and began his attempt, the roar from the crowd willing him on was tangible, and in just over 50 seconds the workout was done! Incredible! Asked how that felt, Eddie confessed to finding that hard...

Once the athletes (the top 10 from each category) had finished the final brutal workout which whittled those that had survived thus far to the ultimate winners in their category, it was time to load up our van to deliver consignments of kit to various locations around the UK.

Xenios USA rig with athletes performing various exercises

The equipment was for all intents and purposes new, although admittedly used but only for a couple of days, and so we set off and dropped the first consignment a couple of hours later consisting of several bars and plates (which lightened our load considerably) to a start up gym in Leicester. The following day it was on to Edinburgh to drop off more bars and plates to Crossfit MTS and then back down to Reading to deliver more bars, dumbbells, kettlebells and plates to Gareth Doody of Base. Smaller orders were delivered over the following days.

Xenios USA bummer plates ready for deliveryThe little "round" trip clocked up over 1100 miles and fulfilled various orders, and demonstrated how Ian will literally go that extra mile to service Gym Jedi clients.

If you were unable to take advantage of ordering the Xenios USA equipment from this event, and would like to know more about what we can supply then call Ian, on 07842 552719 or email on

Posted on Feb 28, 2020

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