Stericlean - Corona Clean

SteriClean for a cleaner, fresher and COVID secure gym or office space.


Stericlean - Corona Clean

To keep your business safe in today’s Coronavirus world, we would URGE you to ask yourself 2 questions:

Stericlean 4 Layers of Protection

  1. Are you aware of these 3 killer facts?
    • Disinfectants kill viruses, sanitisers only reduce viruses
    • Alcohol is not essential in killing viruses, it may harm your skin, surfaces and equipment
    • Many products being sold have not been successfully tested against Coronavirus standards (BS EN 14476)
  1. Do your cleaning solutions pass the Coronavirus 4 layers of protection test?
    • 9999% of pathogens killed?
    • 7-day reinfection protection?
    • Neutral pH level that will not harm your skin, surfaces or equipment?
    • Affordable for your business?

Download product brochure below.

Stericlean Brochure

If any of this leaves you with any questions, please feel free to email, call 07565 971041 who will be happy to advise or go straight to see/order our products using our discount code GJID07.


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