SIBEC 2019

SIBEC 2019

Wow! This was the first time I had ever attended SIBEC and what an experience. 25 years in the industry and a SIBEC virgin!

I would liken this event to Speed-dating in businesss. 20 meetings over two days of 20 minutes with 5 minute gaps between you had to keep your wits about you and of course ensure the message was consistent but different for every potential client.

Now the journey obviously starts on the plane journey where you are sat next to inevitably someone else (who you may or may not know) who is also going to the Hangover part 4 style conference. Luckily I was sat next to someone who I was keen to learn more about with ProInsight. I like the concept and David is very passionate about the whole project and it is really good!!

Once arrived the real networking starts and it is good to see so many familiar faces (whom I havent spent long with before but will over the next few days).

Next morning with an early morning sea swim with some great colleagues and some coaching applied to improve their strokes my good deed was done. Kate Richardson-Walsh was inspirational, passionate and all around very well rounded. She advised on how teams work and how it was important to work with peoples weaknesses and find their strengths to get the best synergies.

Then the meetings started. I never expected how intense they actually would be but if you liken them to speeddating then you wouldnt be far away! (I have never done speed dating as such but the buzzer and moving around tables was interesting. Xenios USA being a new brand in the UK this was a great way to introduce myself and the brand to some of the larger players in the UK and European markets.

For those that dont know Xenios USA is a movement brand working with CrossFit mainly but now breaking into the Functional/Movement area. Anything you can climb, fall, crawl, move, throw or jump on works! Originated in the USA and then moved to San Marino for many business reasons the quality and durability is such that we are keen to hit the UK market in a large way! Italian / USA mafia style!

Two days of meetings, working hard and then playing hard with a swim to clear any cobwebs was the order of the week in Beautiful Malta. The strip on the last night was reminsiscent of the Hangover and the video devised by the team at SIBEC alluded to this fact.

Back home now following up on discussions and leads made me think about the event and feel that it is certainly a format that demands attention and genius in the way that you get to speak to leaders who are normally out of reach to many of us.

Thanks SIBEC and everyone who met me and learned about mine and Xenios USA journey to this point. The Mafioso are coming UK. Watch out and if you want something different then come and find me.

My name is Ian Daniell and I am the Gym Jedi (battle scarred through operations and latterly sales but still fighting and learning!) leading the Xenios USA charge into UK and Ireland.

Contact me on or +447842552719 for any needs you may have in the UK Fitness Industry.

Posted on Nov 19, 2019

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