Ironman, not a sprint!

Ironman, not a sprint!

Well where do I start, Lets start at the start line. The intrepidation before you take that dive into working life.

This article is about my journey in the fitness industry and life and how things have changed full circle. When I started in the Fitness Industry I worked for a company called FFI (Fitness For Industry) that had great training, education and discipline (thank you Jack Thorpe!) with good career progression (no pay but it was the love to help people change I joined for). I was fresh faced straight from Loughborough University and my PE/Sports Science and Maths degree! I wanted to make a difference to peoples lives through changing their lifestyle. I had wanted to be a doctor but glad that I failed some A levels to force me into this course. (It was to become my mantra 'Prevention rather than cure'). Having always competed at elite level sport (swimming, Triathlon and later Football) I knew how to succeed, how to stay strong in the mind (through adversity, injury etc) and how to change technique, mindset and goals to improve and better myself.

I took many jobs, moved around the country and changed many peoples lives until the industry became stagnant and all about money and greed and not about helping people anymore. It was about bums on seats, volumes of members and sales. I didnt like this so crossed over the bridge to sell equipment..... Ironic you say but ..........

Actually it was a great move for me as I became able to give gyms the ability to enhance their members experiences, and for me to continue to give my knowledge through running gyms, build good trust relationships with the owners and ultimately 'sell' equipment based on their needs. Yes I had to hit targets but when you have good relationships you have good sales. It is not about the best kit, it is about the kit that enhances the gym's provision to improve peoples lives (prevention rather than cure!).

My job journey I have likened to a Triathlon as it involves three main skills, Swimming is life saving, Cycling is viewing the world differently and Running is shear hard work....;-)

I have gone a full circle with my sport returning to complete a half Ironman this year and full one next year. I used to do Sprints and Olympics but I wanted to give myself some new challenges.

With my work, I was ready to run a National role having gained some great contacts, having a skill set that enhances peoples skills through training and nurture, but some paths were blocked so I thought lets do it myself and change it up. Nothing comes to fruition with out hard work and this year I decided to go on my own with some help from Xenios USA and put together my consultancy business with Gym Jedi Consultancy Ltd.

I am able to provide a service that gyms, owners, consumers, trainers can come to me for any equipment needs, any operational needs, any sporting advice, psychology and anything linked to fitness/change. I know I have the skills required to make positive changes with my Fun, Fit and Fresh approach to life, and work. I wake up everyday now invigorated and ready to smash it. My customers also will feel this benefit.

Watch out world my Ironman race is taking place and I will finish it and adapt to the trials I will face in my 'Positivity Breeds Success' way. Next year brings new challenges and I cannot wait to change my outlook and methods to enhance the provision to my friends, colleagues, customers, clients and family.

If you want to learn more then please get in touch with me, Gym Jedi, and see what we can turn into success. Touch base through Linkedin, Facebook,

Gym Jedi Consultancy Ltd is an exclusive provider of Xenios USA in the UK & Ireland, ambassador for Torq Fitness, KitBrix, GatorTail and a few more on their way. Happy to discuss and help in any way

Posted on Oct 10, 2019

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