Online Digital Solutions

How is your fitness business transferring to the digital age?

Online Digital Solutions

At Gym Jedi Consultancy Ltd we work with numerous health club, boutiques and indoor boot-camps/ studio owners and have now created a niche way to maintain brand loyalty, along with generating new revenue.

Introducing Fitness Venueserve, an exciting, new digital web platform which you could offer potentially free (if you want it to be) to your membership bases and a small monthly cost to non-members/leavers/non-attenders, which can be used as a virtual benefit and means of additional income after Covid-19.

The platform can be white-labeled to any brand and comes with optional pre-recorded workouts and the simple ability to film your own content. It gives you the ability to store pre-recorded content as well as stream live videos onto your social media pages.

Perfect for clubs, chains, boutiques.

Minimal cost to your business and could be a future good earner to your business now and going forwards!

Fitness Venueserve has been built to protect your revenue, make your membership more flexible and attract new members.

Check out the platform here:


Love my Gym
  • Protect current membership fees by offering classes at home
  • Maintain your relationships at a safe distance
  • Give them something to keep them coming back

This Year

Bend don't Break
  • People may not train at the gym or in your class but they still want to be members
  • Offer flexible ways to be a member and accept the new normal of home training

The Future

Future digital workout
  • Your gym will travel with your members
  • Some members will never physically go to your gym
  • These are new revenues from a new type of customer

Information & Ideas for Clubs/PTs

  • Protect your income from existing members by offering amplify as an additional service
  • Upload your existing membership list and allow free access to streaming workouts, live-streaming and add member offers
  • Sell a digital membership to new audience. Suggested fees from £5.99 to £9.99
  • Convert leavers into a digital membership to protect revenue
  • Our content is included for free but you can upload your own whenever you want
  • Use Facebook Live or YouTube to attract viewers then send to your platform to convert into new members

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